About Me

  • I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Chemistry at Emory University (Computational physical chemistry division).
    I am currently working in Professor Kindt's Group. ( Expected to graduate in January 2016 )

  • I got my B. S. degrees in University of Science and Technology of China.
    Major degree: Chemistry & Physics; dual degree: Economics & Finance

    Research interests

  • Molecular dynamic simulations, rare-event simulations and Monte-Carlo simulations.

  • Statistical data modeling for equilibrium constants in non-ideal systems.

  • Understanding the permeation rate anomaly in lipid phase transition.

  • liposome technology, anti-cancer drug design.


  • Research assistant at Emory University (2010 - Present) Details: click here

  • Developed a five-site Lennard-Jones membrane model to study the permeation rate anomaly of membranes during its phase transition, and proposed a new explanation in terms of line tension (using Perl).

  • Applied umbrella sampling and probability-weighted histogram analysis methods to a known lipid model together with self-designed parameters of a large permeant, and tested the assumption of line tension effect. (Ongoing: using Python).

  • Implemented a variety of known methods in defining the order parameters of a molecule, using either cartesian or spherical harmonic coordinates (using Perl).

  • Estimating the probability of rare events: proposed ways to set up simulations using novel probability weighting methods.

  • Setting up 2d probability-weighted-distribution method to construct the free energy surface of the translocation of a sodium ion through lipid membranes, with which the calculation error is decreased by 80% (using C and Labview).

  • Developed a model to calculate the theoretical signal strength of the sum frequency generation of two laser beams at gold surface (using Mathematica and Labview).
  • Undergraduate research

  • Project at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics: The study of Partial Wave Resonances in the F + HD Reaction.

  • Dissertation thesis: the study of conglomeration and the electrochemistry behavior after carbon nanotube reacts with potassium permanganate.

  • Dual dissertation thesis: Visualization of the correlation between monetary policy and stock price for different industries, using first-difference estimator.
  • Publications and Works

  • Simulation Study of the Permeability of a Model Lipid Membrane at the Fluid–Solid Phase Transition.
  • Lewen Yang, and James T. Kindt. Langmuir,2015.

  • Youtube: Using animated molecular dynamics trajectories to discuss differences between saturated and unsaturated fats.
  • Lewen Yang (Setting up MD simulations and movies), karthik Uppulary, Lara Patel, Keon Reid, and James T. Kindt. 2014.

    Hornors and Awards

  • Ph.D. Fellowship Award, Laney Graduate School of Emory University, 2010-Present.

  • Honors Degree in Physical Science at School of Chemistry and Material Science, USTC, 2010.

  • Outstanding Student Scholarship, USTC, 2007.
  • Teaching Experience

  • Teaching assistant -- general chemistry, 2010-2011 and Fall, 2014.

  • Teaching assistant -- physical chemistry, 2012