Federal Projects

Total direct funds: $3,188,066
NIH 1RO1CA26374-01-03 (Florida State)
NIH 2R01CA26374-04-06 (Florida State)
NIH 7R01CA40157-01-04 (Transferred to Emory)
NIH 2R01CA40157-05-09 (Emory)
NIH 2R01CA40157-10-14 (Emory)
NIH 2R01CA40157-15-18 (Emory)
NIH 2R01GM066153-19-22 (Emory)

NIH Project continuously funded since 1989
Total direct funds: $2,055,440
NIH 1R01GM43107-01-03
NIH 2R01GM43107-04-06
NIH 2R01GM43107-07-10
NIH 2R01GM43107-11-14

NIH Project funded between 1987-1995
NIH 1R01CA44404-01-03
NIH 2R01CA44404-04-08
Total direct funds: $785,011
NSF Project funded 1983-1987
NSF CHE 830550
Total funds: $140,000

State Projects
GA Tech ATDC, Durable Antimicrobial Compounds that Bond to Surfaces, 1996-1997
Total funds: $67,520
GA Tech ATDC, Synthetic Design and Production of Specialty Porphyrins…, 1999-2001
Total funds: $140,000

Private Projects
Merck & Company 1998-2002
Total funds: $450,000
Pharmacia 2001-2002
Total funds: $78,542
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1985-1999
Total funds: $346,810
Johnson & Johnson 1991-1997
Total funds: $70,000